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Netwrok Instalation
Design, Cabling, installation and configuration of Local Area Network with latest technologies. All installations are covered by warranty. When it comes to your business you need to be able to rely on the professionals to ensure that the job is done properly.
Website Design and Applications
A website acts as a shop or an office for your business. We consider it as the perfect advertising tool exhibiting a design philosophy which helps businesses generate more conversions. Our web application automates business functions with innovative flow of work and data. This streamlines your processing speed of and efficiency.
Business Card or Badge
Business cards should be a conversation starter - something to be kept and acted on. Don't let your cards let you down when it's so easy to make something great!, we can also provide Badge for your employee.
Brochure Design
A brochure is designed for the purpose to capture customer's attention complimenting your brand portfolio. It must be original and well designed to convey the best image of your company.
IT Consultant
If you need to purchase new PC's, printers, Laptops, applications, Anti-virus or other equipment or if you are rebuilding your network and systems and you don't know the best equipment or system for your company, we are here to help you.
System Security
We understand the importance of network and system security for businesses that are dependent on the Internet and their networks. We not only provide robust networking or system solutions for your business, but also ensure that your old system is capable of withstand any kind of security threat.
Logo Design
Every company or organization is uniquely defined by its logo, a logo represents the company and the products/services related with it, that is why we design a suitable Logo and slogan for your company with your recommendation.
IT Training
We have the ability to train your employees in the information technology field like Microsoft windows, word, excel and safety techniques of using PC, Laptops, printers and scanners, telling also the side effect of using that equipment and how to protect from it. Our process begins by assessing your unique business needs.